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Originally Posted by mhgaffney View Post
I have presented strong supporting evidence. It is a fact that a comet's coma and tail change size and shape as a comet approaches and moves away from the sun.

The equations presented by McCanney in his plasma discharge comet model very accurately predict this behavior. In case you don't know, prediction is the essence of science.

The snowball comet model has no such predictive capacity.
It most certainly does.

McCanney's model is fatally flawed. As I've illustrated. And Plait has shown.

Originally Posted by mhgaffney
Indeed, it's a joke -- and you are clowns to continue to support such nonsense. Comets are hard objects like asteroids. They can be any size -- even planetary size. The size issue is crucial in the case of Venus, as I will explain in my next couple of posts.
You need to address all of Plait's arguments against McCanney's model before you can move on.

You demand we accept McCanney's claims without skepticism or argument. That's not how science works - what you want is an act of faith, not reason.

Again, show us how Hale-Bopp, for a specific example, could have gained as much mass as McCanney claims it did, without being destroyed by the process.

You've completely ignored that one argument, because it devastates the entirety of McCanney's theory.
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