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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
Stop. Please. This is not correct. Brown would be a great pick to play MLB. There you go reading stats/and numbers like BODY WEIGHT and immediately saying OLB, not as good as David cause David's faster.
Arthur Brown is very athletic, fast, and he is a good football player. Unfortunately, he is not thumper. He cannot blow through NFL blocks to make the play. Even in college he uses his athleticism to avoid contact until making a play on the ball. I look to see how these players affect the game in short yardage situations. Neither Greene nor Brown are effective in short-yardage or goal line situations when you run directly at them, and could get swallowed in traffic. Lavonte David weighs the same as Khaseem Green and Arthur Brown, yet could play NFL MLB. Why? It's simple. David is much more effective at the point of attack, using his superior football instincts, no false steps (unlike Arthur Brown), athleticism, and physicality to plow a bee-line to the ballcarrier, often making stops in the backfield, or for no gain. He has an uncanny ability to keep his eyes in the backfield while side-stepping blocks and staying "clean" in order to make the play.

Khaseem Green and Arthur Brown aren't bad...I think they will both become NFL starters either as 4-3 WOLB's, or 3-4 ILB's, but they both have a ways to go...while Lavonte David was ready (and dominating) right out of the gate. Frankly, it would make me sick to draft either one of them after passing on Lavonte David in 2012.

It's possible you could switch WW to MIKE, and draft Green or Brown in the 2nd round to play WOLB...but that wouldn't be optimal. Even WW (at this stage in his career) has plenty difficulty fighting through NFL blocks (and it would be even worse at MIKE).

I don't believe either Arthur Brown, or Khaseem Greene will ever be MIKE LB's in the NFL. To consider both at MIKE (especially in a JDR/Fox system) is quite a bit of a stretch. Your silly insults don't change any of that.
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