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Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
It's a combination of things. Seattle has 15 significant players with five or less years Denver only has 10. SF on the other hand has 11 draft picks compared to Denver's 7. Just because you disagree with him doesn't make HIM the moron.
I've acknowledge that the Broncos numbers are not the best in all the categories but the fact that they are strong numbers according to the categories + the fact that they have a proven HoF QB should give lift them above Seattle and the Niners IMHO. Kirwan simply cannot say with any certainty that Wilson and Kaep. are true franchise QBs let alone HoF QBs with just one season under their belts. That's all I'm saying. Simply because Seattle and San Fran have better numbers in a few categories (lets not forget these categories are made up by Kirwan so they are completely subjective IMHO) while NE and Denver and even GB has a proven history with their QBs does not IMHO make the SB favorites. But I concede this is Pat Kirwan's world we are talking about lol.
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