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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
Denver has some of the "better" numbers, not the best in all categories but very good numbers based on Kirwan's stats. Add that to a truly proven vet QB in Manning who is under contract and this elevates the Broncos above Seattle and the Niners IMHO because Wilson and Colin K. have only had one good season. I think the top two teams, based on Kirwan's criterial are NE and Denver with Seattle and the Niners following due to the QB situation. Sure, Seattle and San Fran appear to have solid QBs who are young, but until they prove it over a few seasons it's just a bit too soon to say these guys are on the same level as 2 HoF QBs. JMHO of course.
I have no problem with your opinion but you're not using Kirwan's criteria, that's all.
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