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Originally Posted by Dedhed View Post
Far more than it does to "I pick them up, and I put them DOwn!"

PS-Spoken like the truly ignorant.
OK...and once again, servers make more per hour in total compensation than the car loading guy why were you trying to go with the "living wage" bull****?

you posted this -

"You probably know that when you order a meal in restaurant, the person who brings you the food is generally paid less than minimum wage. Tips are supposed to make up the difference.

Here's the problem: Minimum wage for tipped employees is an appalling $2.13 an hour. And for millions of people who work in the restaurant industry, tips don't come close to providing a living wage.

This is not a small problem. Almost one-third of food workers don't have enough money to buy enough safe and nutritious food to meet their needs. The people who make and serve your food literally may be going hungry."

You implied that we the public should tip more because these poor servers don't make a living wage....

I gave an example of another person in another job that doesn't make a living wage either, but you seem to think that they're not worthy of being paid a "living wage"

And you have the unmitigated gall to call me ignorant?
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