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Originally Posted by Dedhed View Post
I'm not going to engage in your tangential and incongruous analogy.

Not to mention that being a quality server takes far more talent and ability than throwing bags of cement into a truck, and imo deserves greater compensation.
Really? How much talent does it take to bring a glass of water, or a couple of drinks, write down an order, take it to the kitchen, and then pick it up and take it back to the people who ordered it, check on then a couple of times (usually asking them how is everything when their mouths are full) and then cashing them out?

So if your argument is they are better educated (how you know that is beyond me) so they should be compensated more, then why did you go through the whole we should make up their salary because they don't earn a "living wage" liberal talking points bull****?

Most people on here will agree that the average server (even the bad ones) make more than $10-12 an hour.....
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