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Wheel of Time was solid for me. I think Song of Ice and Fire, Symphony of Ages, and Sword of Truth annihilate it. Still, I really enjoyed it, and it was quite epic.

I thought Sanderson finished relatively strong. His Egwene was better than Jordan's, but his Mat was just off. Mat was my favorite character in the series, and I just never felt like Sanderson had a true grasp of his wit. I agree the Padan Fain part was ridiculously bad at the end, as well as the entire Slayer/Luc/Perrin/Gaul storyline. I thought Rand finished strong at least, and the ending seemed right to me. I also never understood the entire Moraine/Thom angle. That seemed pulled straight out of someone's ass.

Still, the series was well worth the read, but there are better out there.
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