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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Thanks to Martin's glacial pace of writing, they unfortunately could both be authors who die before they can finish their work. I can't imagine who they would tap to finish Game of Thrones.
The HBO people. I believe that contingency plan has been already been arranged for and he's given them key plot lines etc.

Martin was a big WoT fan (though judging from this thread the series is apparently ****?) and has several references to that series (as well as LoTR).

Marillion, Sam Tarly and Jon:Samwise and Frodo, etc

As far as the WoT references go, this one is my favorite:

House Jordayne, led by Trebor (Robert backwards) that rule over Tor (the publisher of WoT) and the house motto is "Let it be written" haha.
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