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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by TomServo View Post
Since then its been changed to 40 seconds.
WHY? it turned the end of the game to the crappy kneel downs we have now. now that the nfl has gone to the hurry up why not go back to the 30 second rule and have some real action at the end of games?
What's the f'n problem? A team gets 60 minutes of football to do their thing. Why does your final two minutes have to be some magnificent show with all kinds of drama about the team who is down being able to comeback. Again, you got the whole damn game to play your best, coach your best. If the other team is ahead in the final two minutes, maybe that team should have done somethings differently before that. The clock rule is fine. The kneel down is fine. There are plenty more things wrong with the rules then for you to call this the worst in the game, good god dude.
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