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The front office would be fools by avoiding one of the deepest DL drafts in recent memory. I am not a fan of all the guys and cooler on some dudes who are being touted (like Okafor) -- but there are ~ 10 DL who should go in the first two rounds, perhaps even more. I am pleased with the way our interior played for the most part, but we have wildcards there. Unrein will be back on the cheap with his ERFA/RFA contract and I can't imagine Bannan or Vickerson would command that much money. It is one of the only positions Denver has not invested a quality selection in for years and it is about time. I wouldn't bet on us taking a DT in the first, but I sure hope it is considered. I would expect one of the available DT's to be one of the better players on the board.
Do you see the scheme staying the same or Wolfe playing 3Tech? I would like to see the DT position addressed, but I don't think we take one in the first. I think there will be some quality ones there in the second. Two important factors that will sway the first round selection.

1. Does the front office view Franklin as a Guard still? If so I could see DJ Fluker being the first round pick potentially..

2. How does the front office view Wolfe and Irving? Is Wolfe a DE in our scheme or a DT? Is Irving the answer at MLB?
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