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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by extralife View Post
oh, so you had two sentences next to each other with a complete logical connection, only now I am supposed to read the magic leaves and pretend that they do not correlate with one another. you just felt like posting the declarative statement that this man is a cop killer, because this thread about how he killed cops was not enough to convince us of this reality, and you wanted to be very sure that we were all educated on the facts. and then you just felt like posting how much you wanted him to die, 100% independent of his being a cop killer. yeah, sure, I believe you. at best, this makes you a poor writer. at worst? well, read your posts.
...that's the thing, they DO correlate to each other, you idiot.

He's a cop killer. Now I know this concept will be hard for your 40 IQ, but that means he killed people.

Now when someone killed people, what are they? Oh my golly, they're a murderer!

It's like you try to be this stupid...

Oh, and I know you like stuffing things into other guys mouths, but leave your words out of mine.
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