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TJ Ward

Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
Wow, shunning out the world champs....ouch. I would agree with that list of their top 5. I'd probably bet $5000 the next superbowl winner will be one of those 5.

I think you could throw in the next 5 (Atlanta, Baltimore, Cincinnati, NYG, Pittsburgh) as a longer shot to win it all but still could be in the mix if everything falls right for them, such as it did for the Rat****s.
I'm not sure you can include Pitt in that mix. They are 13 mil over the cap and getting old. They have numerous starters that are free agents, some backups. Mike Wallace, Max Starks, Keenan Lewis, Will Allen, Larry Foote, Casey Hampton, both backup QB's and this isn't the entire list. While some of these may be nearing the end of their ropes Pitt doesn't have backups that can step into some of those starting roles and will have to add, which will be difficult as far as quality. They could be looking at rebuilding for a couple of years.

Saw another article on this exact same subject. The 5 teams that article listed did not even include the Broncos. I liked that, let's get back to being overlooked.

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