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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by extralife View Post
Of course shooting a cop is worse than shooting a murderer. If you could read, you'd know that's not what I said. He will be killed, he knew he would be killed, and I will not shed tears for him. But you didn't say he should be killed because he is a murderer. You said he should be killed because he is a "cop killer." **** the cops, they don't get extra moral standing from me. The awful part in all of this is there is not a man alive who doesn't think this guy is telling the truth. But not only will nothing happen, but now nothing will happen on top of there being a bunch of dead people. Fantastic world we live in.
Again, no I didn't, you dumb ****.

Two separate true statements aren't dependent on each other.

1. Fact: He IS a cop killer.
2. Fact: I can't wait for him to get shot in the face.

Let's use another example:

1. Fact: extralife eats ***** in bulk
2. Fact: I can't wait for extralife to stop posting.

I don't hate you as a poster because you eat ***** in bulk. I hate you as a poster because you're a complete and utter pseudo-intellectual imbecile.

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