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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
My Dad thinks he had a Mountain Bike. This guy is way smart. The only reason he had his truck set on fire was to have the cops think he is up in Big Bear when in reality, he might have had a timed mechanism to set the fire 30 minutes before the burn which would give him a huge head start down the mountain. He WANTED the truck to be found and sure enough, tons of cops are in Big Bear looking for someone that could be across the border or hold up in a safe house for a few weeks. Right when it dies down, he will be coming after those that "wronged" him.

This is probably the most likely scenario. He'll disappear for awhile, cops will relax a bit, and he will hit again. Repeat until he is caught and killed. The LAPD will make cursory changes and the beat will go on.

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