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Originally Posted by maher_tyler View Post
Here in Tucson I usually get ****ty service so I rarely tip more than $5. I usually always sit and wait for longer than I should for a re-fill on my drink. Take forever to come take my order etc. I hate crappy customer service. If bad enough I won't tip at all. Maybe getting a $0 tip should be a wake up call.
Where are you going out for drinks or eats? I always used to go out to Famous Sams on Pima rd when I lived in Tucson because there were so many Broncos fans that came in to watch games. It was just a fun experience. Great bar food too. The service however was the worst I've seen anywhere my whole life. It didn't matter if the place was full or there were 20 people in there. There were a couple of servers that were always coked out as well. If not for the experience there, I'd have never continued to come.

I recently had some **** service out in Rockford during the Bucs game and the server bought my 1st 2 drinks. That definitely made me forget about it!

Anybody that has worked in food service generally has a different appreciation for the whole tipping thing. Years ago I did not until I worked in bars/restaurants for a few years.

This whole thread is overrated......
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