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Originally Posted by gunns View Post
I wasn't answering your question, I was commenting on your comment.

I too know guys in law enforcement, I work with them. I too believe there are a lot of good cops, but I also know there are a lot of bad ones, a lot more than is believed by some. In my opinion this guy is wrong with what he's doing but I believe he probablys snapped after turning on his own when he was a cop, and they conspired against him. And the shooting of that truck is as much a travesty as what he is doing. Cops often use their guns irresponsibly.
fair enough. I do think that if someone wants to point their finger at a PD that may have systemic problems with bad cops the LAPD is probably right at the top. Also, if you look at CA as a whole, this is a state that wants big brother in everyone's business. It's a state that is way over regulated. Consequently, look at the LAPD.

Just another strike against the morons in CA.
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