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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
Yep, I didn't use a slide rule but if they wanted to do something that would do less to impact the history of the game (stat wise) without giving the players more hits this is the direction they should be moving.

More players, more games, time limits on games played for everyone minus kickers maybe.
Bottom line, if the owners and players end up making more $, I think your idea would garner serious consideration, with the icing on the cake being less injuries for the individual player or a longer time for a player to recover from injuries.

I think what the coaches would have to do is rotate players on a play-by-play situation. That is, X player gets to play X number of snaps in the regular season and no more (it's like a pitch count in the MLB). Once the player has reached that snap or play count, he's done for the season. So basically, you'd have the coaching staff monitoring every snap a player plays. Hence, the rotation. A team like the Broncos would have to play Twilight, simply because Manning could not take every snap.

I think it's very doable. Take the QB for example--the season is 24 games long and the QB is only allowed to take 420 total snaps during those 24 games (I'm pulling numbers out of my ass just for an example). So the coaches have to limit the number of snaps. They can either do that on a play by play basis or a game by game basis or whatever.

More physical positions like RB, LBer and Lineman may only get 380 snaps or plays. Regardless if they are healthy or not, they only get to play those 380 plays during the regular season. This insures their health, especially for the post season. If a player does get injured then the other player steps in and starts accumulating more plays. If that reaches 380 plays before the end of the season and the other player is still injured, a team can bring in another player from another position, for example, on the oline, move a guy from tackle to guard, on one defense, move a guy from OLBer to ILBer.

I think the only issue is the players wouldn't really like it. That is, for example, the Broncos oline would be forced to adjust their game from Manning's style to Twilight's style and that is easier said than done. Team cohesion could be a real issue.

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