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Originally Posted by That One Guy View Post
Is this game about the players or the coaches? A player mistake is one thing but a coach mistake and I'm fuming for hours. The first time the coach underestimates a squad and suffers a big upset, all the fun would be sucked out of it.

I want to stay with a 16 game war of attrition.
Think of it as and army that has more than one battalion. You still get the attrition that is played out over 16 games (if the player is healthy enough) but the player gets time to recover, takes his hits over a longer period of time.

The stuff I have seen on concussions point to more damage being done the sooner the player is hit, if you spread the hits out and give them time to recover quicker while still producing a product on the field in a Sunday, Monday, Thursday schedule the league has been pushing.
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