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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
Again, this is even more reason to be careful as innocent people could get shot. The LAPD is pooring gasoline on a fire by shooting these two ladies. With all the bullet holes in the truck, it just looks bad, real bad.

They could have surrounded the truck, pointed every weapon on the cab, and then got on a blow horn and asked the driver and passenger to identify themselves. Sure, there's always a chance the bad guy could get away, but if that happened, that is, the truck tries to make an escape, you have more of a probably cause to use force. JMHO of course.
I was just responding to your question about why they didn't check the plates. It sucks the two people got killed but I'm kinda amused by the incompetence their fear is exposing. I read they shot up another truck as well but luckily no one was hurt in that one.
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