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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
With all the safety issues and lawsuits over injuries and Goodell talking about taking away kickoffs but still talking about going to an 18 game (or is it more?) season what would you think of this type of idea?

First change would be to Create a 24 week season with little or no changes to the traditional playoff system.

A lot would change in my proposed 24 week season, everything from player rosters, cap space and even Preseason among a lot of other things would change so stay with me before flaming away.

I would increase the rosters sizes by at least 22, maybe add a couple more than that for special teams players. Lets say we increase the roster to allow teams to carry 80 players. This would mean increasing the Cap and extending the draft probably back up to 14 rounds. Owners initially may balk at having to pay more to players but with the extra home games they would recop the investment quickly.

The kicker for extending the regular season out to 24 games is that all teams starters are only allowed to play in 16 of the RS games (this would have to be worked further than by a dude who had the idea in the shower).

The need for the expanded roster means that for about 8 games the starters would ride the pine and depth players would fill in. I would prepose that for this to work teams would be allowed to pick the games they would want specific players to play, they could have the depth players start against teams like kFc and Oakland and have the traditional full 1st team vs a team like the Pats. This might actually lower the skyrocketting contracts as teams need to expand rosters, instead of the 20% of rosters getting all the money I think eventually contract prices would move back toward the middle as more professionals are getting paid. Again a lot would need to be worked out but it would make depth prized and allow some young great players the ability to actually play and move up through the ranks. I don't play fantasy football but I guess essentially this is what the staffs would have to decide, who to play when vs what team. I would propose that teams be allowed as much flexiblity to move their players around.

This would allow injured players a chance to rest and stay on the active roster. You would still need an IR but it might give a lot of players chances to get back and still have productive seasons and by being forced to sit for 8 games in the season they would get a mandatory break that allows them to rest and get healthy.

Eliminate the PS, have a TC and maybe have teams have a scrimmage or 2 but do not charge for them. These would be practices, not full games. The 1st game of the season would count and players would learn on the job.

Eliminate the Bye Weeks. The depth players would play the bye weeks.

Coaches could have a team 1 and team 2 or intermix the players based on matchups. Again if your playing a team like kFc you can tie both hands behind your back and beat them down with your 3rd or 4th QB. I think things would still average out and the good teams would be good and the bad teams bad. All things average out over time. There might be a slight rise where a bad team with great depth has a better chance than it would have had with out any great players over time. This would keep the playoff race interesting deep into the season.

This proposal would allow teams to keep players fresh in the middle of the season and set up for a playoff run, every player would be available for all practices during the year so things would be able to be developed over the course of the season.

I really think this would allow kids that might end up sitting behind some one like Rodgers did to get on the field and show what they have without having to kick an older established player to the curb.

It would be a challenge for positions like on OL where consistency is prized the player management would be more like baseball where plattooning and player rosters are adjusted through out the season. Maybe at week 18 open up the rosters even more like baseball does but the playoff roster has to be defined by the players who had more playing time early in the year I dunno.

Stats would be comparable in most regards as no player can play more than 16 games in a season. You could compare Charles stats to TD's because (barrring injury) they both only played 16 games. The one thing is that the supporting cast might not be as good but that remains to be seen how it would impact stats.

Playoffs roster would revert back to 53 man rosters. Once the playoffs start the best players play. You could even move that back to like week 20 and say for the last 4 games teams have to reduce rosters and go into the stretch run with the guys the staffs picked. Again I dunno...


I think allowing guys to rest through the season would be good. This would allow them to play games on Thursday and come back the next Sunday with a different squad, allowing those that are sore, old or hurt to have more time to respond to treatment. It would still be the same Franchise, the heart of the team would be the same, players won't see the field every week.

Give more people jobs, you might not see PM play every game but quality players will rise, look at teams like San Fran that have 2 QB's, in Seattle Matt Flynn was paid big bucks to sit on the bench, we drafted a QB in the 2nd round and saw him throw one pass. Teams would be forced to find quality depth across the board, teams like Chicago would not be able to hire a Josh McNown and hope Cutler stays healthy and plays all 16 games.

Goodell and the owners get more home games while players don't take more hits than they do now. If anything having more depth players available on the team would allow more rotation and fresh bodies through out games during the season. If anything the owners could lower ticket prices and make it appear that the fan is getting a break but with the increase in game days they would be able to make more money. Plus we get about the same quality as some PS games only they actually count which is what Goodell wants.

TV gets a longer football season, everyone from players to TV make more money, fans get a longer season.

I think the age of players taking every snap needs to come to an end, don't take away kickoffs, find ways to add depth and require teams to rest guys longer, especially in a day and age where we have these Monday, Sunday and now Thursday games, don't change the way the game is played, have more guys playing it and playing while having them actually playing the same or less time. Does that make sense?

It just came to me, I was bored on a Friday though I would type it up and see what kind of feedback I got.
wait, did you say more games? Did I see something about a 24 game season?

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