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Originally Posted by srphoenix View Post
I've really enjoyed my Evo X. 325hp and tq as it stands right now, but with a conservative tune once I buy an ecu cable I should be at 375-400 hp and tq. All wheel drive is a godsend if you live in winter climates and it pulls 1g stock on the skidpad. Plus 4 doors and a trunk are convenient if you plan on living with the car as a daily driver. Around town I average about 22mpg but if your cruising on the freeway you should be getting at least 26mpg.

You should be able to find a non-molested one with relatively lower miles for 22-25k.

Si. Love this car. Talk about bang for the buck, AWD, good looks, 4 door and you can get it with a stick or paddle shifter. Very nice. You can probably get a brand new one for less than $40k.
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