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Originally Posted by peacepipe View Post
meanwhile,Bill orielly(apostrophe/qoutation button not working) caught lying. talking to bob beckal yesterday,claimed msnbc is not talking about the drone story. funny thing is that it was msnbc that broke the story, & have been talking about it alot.
I was just reading today about why the drone issue doesn't get more attention:

Many conservatives are ideologically committed to the proposition that the president should be almost totally unconstrained in the realm of foreign affairs. As a result, many of Obama’s most questionable behavior is ignored by the conservative press — and it is also ignored by the subset of the “establishment media” that uses partisan conflict to determine what to investigate, rather than making independent judgments about what is important to cover.

The media are “soft” on Barack Obama on the subject of foreign policy because Republicans can’t object to the worst and most controversial foreign policy decisions of the Obama administration, and most elected Democrats won’t. If Lindsey Graham and Dianne Feinstein agree, then for the purposes of the Sunday shows there’s no “debate” to be had. When liberal senators like Ron Wyden object to administration actions, it’s just not considered as important or newsworthy as Republican objections to perceived liberal actions by the administration.
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