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Originally Posted by v2micca View Post
As the off season has truly begun, I figured I would throw this out there. Growing up, I had several sisters who had jobs as waitresses. So, I knew the importance of tips to their livelihoods. But, even so, I was always raised with the impression that no matter how bad the service, I should at least leave 10%, that around 15% was standard, and 20% if I felt I received very good service. I mentioned this on another message board and was excoriated for it as a cheapskate that didn't deserve to dine out. I was further informed that anyone who left below 18% was scum of the earth.

So, honestly, when did 18% become the minimum mandatory tipping point for a night out? When did tipping go from being a way to reward good service, to a mandatory fee for the pleasure of some stranger bringing me food, on top of the restaurant charging me $25 for five bucks worth of steak.

There isn't a mandatory %.....but God forbid you say that to those in the service industry.....they like many Americans feel their earnings are an entitlement. they never understand that their income is based on the opinion of the person being served, not the person doing the serving.

Servers are generally so full of themselves, I've yet to meet one who doesn't think they always give good service when the truth is if they did, they would never be b****ing about their tips.
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