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Originally Posted by maven View Post
No. I don't. If I order one beer I don't tip. If I'm getting multiples throughout the night I will throw a dollar down.

Usually if I know the person bartending, I will throw them a bigger tip. People helping people -- powerful stuff.

If I'm with a group of people and ordering drinks and they are getting them all individually for the table, if a beer (Newcastle) costs me $3.50 -- I'll throw down five to make sure we get good service all night. Works every time. I've never went into a bar with friends, got a table and not had us getting awesome service because we were cool with tips. I won't do it every beer, but I will do it initially to get served well because the last thing I want to do at a bar is wave dollar bills down between two middle-aged people who smell like turds and wait a year for a drink.
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