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Tony Carter

Tipping is pure BS. However, i do tip. When my wife and I go out, we always include the tip in budget for the night. If i don't want to tip, i better go to a fast food or cook at home.

I normally tip 15% unless the service is very good, then its 18-20%.
Bartender - $1 per drink
Haircut - $5 and up depending on price of cut. Its its great clips and the price was $7.99, its $5.
Valet - whatever change i got in my car. normally 3-5 depending on the establishment.

I have several times tip $1 on food service to make a point.

Was at saltgrass steak house here in Dallas ($30 steak), family was celebrating a promotion or something. It was later in the evening and we notice they started to clean up and get ready for closing 30 minutes before closing. My idiot waiter, got out a duster and started to dust the wall fixtures next to us. I was furious. I asked the moron if he need our help. He was oblivious and kept on dusting. Told the manager and he apologized up and down.
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