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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
That story about tip being an acronym is bogus. Acronyms were not widely used before the mid 20th century and people were tipping well before that.

This is similar to the urban legend where people say Sh*t was an acronym for Ship High in Transit or that Golf was an acronym for "Gentlemen only, ladies forbidden." Acronyms weren't used until the military began the trend in WWII and then it didn't spread through the rest of the country until well after that. Because of their ubiquity people incorrectly look for them in old words whose etymology is forgotten.

As for what to tip your hair stylist, I would tip her whatever she's worth. If she gives you a good haircut and you go back a lot, 20% or more should be good. I tipped a lot if she did a good job and was attractive. In fact I tipped attractive waitresses and stylists more than unattractive ones. This is incredibly prejudiced, obviously, but that was my practice.

I have to totally disagree with you. While I WAS working in the business (I personally do not care about your quotes from the 18 or 19th century) The Matre D (Who was raised in the business and made a living doing such) personally sat down with each new employee and explained what he expected from each employee and what tipping meant. He was the professional that explained what TIP stood for and that you had to work hard to EARN that extra benefit and it was direct reflection on not only your performance, but also on the establishment itself.

TIP's have to be earned and in the food industry that means food quality as well as the servers performance. If an employee is below average in doing their stated job, they should be compensated as such, On the other hand if the person goes above and beyond what you expect, you should reward them as such.

I will stand by my comments, I was shown the ropes by a gentleman who was at the top of the curve in the industry, running one of the very few true 5 star restaurants in Colorado. I will ignore quotes printed by a newspaper columnist from over a hundred years ago. Flame away.
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