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How comets discharge the solar capacitor

But did NASA get it right? Their explanation -- no surprise -- completely ignored the sun's intense electrical charge.

Imagine a backyard bug killer. We've all seen them. They are very simple and consist of two plates -- one of which holds an electrical charge. When the mosquito flies between the plates it discharges the field. An electrical current leaps out and fries the bug.

McCanney's plasma discharge comet model works in a similar way. When the comet enters the solar system it begins to discharge the solar capacitor. When it comes within a certain distance -- a strong electrical current leaps from the sun to the head of the comet.

Because the comet is moving at high speed -- the electrical current is forced to slow down as it meets the comet. By the law of conservation of energy -- it must therefor lose energy -- which it does by emitting x-rays.

Notice, the mechanism is exactly the same as the known case of lightning -- which I already discussed.

The electrical discharge from the sun also explains many other phenomena-- for example, why comets light up like fluorescent light bulbs. They are literally powered by solar electricity!

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