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This one's for Pat!
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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by razorwire77 View Post
This guy deserves to get Super-Aids. Seriously.

My rule. Don't be cheap, but don't be a sucker either. I tip 20 percent if the service is good. I tip 25 percent for outstanding service at local restaurants where the waiter/waitress recognizes me as a return customer. I tip 10 percent for below average service. Basically, you have to disappear to get 10 percent. Honestly, I haven't had poor enough service to warrant a 0 tip in like 6 years or so.
Oh, I was angry.

He didn't see me follow him in; and when he came out, he asked the others where I was. They didn't know why I went in, either. When I came out, he was SO nervous! When we got back to the hotel, I told him either he could tell the others about it, or I would. He told them later that day; and that's when the BS about it being immoral came out.

Oh, we made him pay for that, over the last couple months he traveled with us.

And I'll tell you - the douchebaggery with putting the stack of ones on the table is almost as offensive to me as him taking our tips. On many occasions, I got up from my table, found the server, and apologized. I didn't want to be associated with the pretentious douche.
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