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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Maybe it's just me, but the more stories I hear about Cutler, the more he seems to change from "jerk" dick to "awesome" dick.

It's like he's slowly changing from James Spader in Pretty in Pink to Bruce Campbell in Army of Darkness. I challenge you all to imagine him doing this with an almost completely smoked cigarette in his mouth and not start laughing.
I was thinking the same thing. He's reaching sort of cartoon villain levels of doucheness which is pretty outstanding. I picture his life as being sort of like Shooter McGavin only with football and "Don't Care" as being his finger shooting "Shooter" moniker.

DOOOONNN'TTTTTTT CAAAAAARRRREEEEEE! Has become a staple expression in my life. My wife loves saying it and she couldn't pick Jay Cutler out of a lineup.

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