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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by DenverDynamite View Post
There is a philly cheese steak place, a little hole in the wall kind of restaurant that my wife likes. The food isn't exactly cheap, and I always go there and order out. Yet I always get a vibe that they expect a tip. I honestly hate that. I am going to them, paying for the food and the only service I get is them putting a not-so-cheap sandwich in a bag and handing it to me. I get the whole small business thing, but seriously, I don't tip at McDonald's why should I tip there?
You don't tip. Only time I would tip is if I ordered it there. If I called it in and said I will be there in 30 minutes, no need to tip. If they are busy and you are ordering take out and walked in to order, 8 to 10% isn't a bad idea as it might be a waitress helping you out.
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