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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I told her most guys would pay ten bucks for the whole thing. That's a 25% tip. She was furious with me. She said that's what "they all did" and it was rude since the price was discounted they should tip more. My argument was it's not my job to set prices and just go off the cultural norm. Her response was it was the same as bringing a gift card to a restaurant and only tipping on the difference paid. I did not agree. I felt the card was another form of payment and it's ridiculous to have me memorize their price list.

This was all academic since she cuts my hair for free and before she was dating I gave her ten bucks because she's hot.
If the regular haircut was $12 and a tip of 20% is $2.40, she was gipped $.40.

Big deal. I tip on what it would have cost, not the discounted price. Would somebody really tip 20 cents during $1 Drink Night? Do they still have that btw?
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