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Originally Posted by v2micca View Post
As the off season has truly begun, I figured I would throw this out there. Growing up, I had several sisters who had jobs as waitresses. So, I knew the importance of tips to their livelihoods. But, even so, I was always raised with the impression that no matter how bad the service, I should at least leave 10%, that around 15% was standard, and 20% if I felt I received very good service. I mentioned this on another message board and was excoriated for it as a cheapskate that didn't deserve to dine out. I was further informed that anyone who left below 18% was scum of the earth.

So, honestly, when did 18% become the minimum mandatory tipping point for a night out? When did tipping go from being a way to reward good service, to a mandatory fee for the pleasure of some stranger bringing me food, on top of the restaurant charging me $25 for five bucks worth of steak.
18% has been been pretty standard for as far back as the mid 90s. 15% is generally the minimum for avg. service to 20% or more for great service.
let me be clear on this TIPPING IS NOT A CHARITY,IT IS PAYING FOR SERVICES RENDERED. It has never been a way to reward good service. a way to reward good service,is to leave more than the standard 18%.

I leave 20% at a minimum regardless of the service. If the service/experience is really bad I just dont go back to that restaurant. If I get great service I leave 25-30% tip.

If you have a problem paying 25 dollars for a 5 dollar steak stay home and cook one.
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