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Originally Posted by waz06 View Post
What the hell? We are already on page 3 and not a single mention of a Vette. For 40k you can pick up a used Corvette ZO6 with performance that will embarass most expensive european supercars.
Not many people realize that the newer vettes get great gas mileage too. I get above 20 mpg when I keep my speed below 3 digits. (and it takes great restraint to do this because it is so quick to get past 100). And get a good radar detector like BEL electronics or Valentine 1 or you will lose your license.
Yes it is a 2 seater but you can always borrow back the Yukon from your son if you need to haul more .
Try to test drive a ZO6 and take it out on some winding road. The car has almost a 50/50 front to rear weight distribution plus its low profile and big fat tires allows it to take curves easily. And its lightning quick acceleration will leave a silly grin on your face.

did not see broncojef's post above
Historically, wheelbase issues have kept 'vettes from having great handling. Fast? You bet! But lack the maneuverability of plenty of other sports cars.
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