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Peyton Hillis

Thanks for all the suggestions.

I now have three (almost grown) kids, and spent the last couple decades driving the obligatory minivans, SUV's, and cars that make great family sense.

I actually grew up going to Mustang shows with some family friends, and really had some love for american muscle cars (especially Fords). As a matter of fact, it is still a long term dream for me to build my own 427 Shelby Cobra kit, but that will have to wait until all three boys have finished college (time sink, money sink). Also, with gas at $3.50 per gallon it just doesn't make econmical sense for me right now.

So, this go around, I definitely have my eye on something a little more fun. I would still like a back seat when necessary, but it doesn't have to be super comfortable or large (even though my oldest son is 6'4" 340 - this isn't for him!). I want something that will be fun around town, maybe a little flashy, but could also get good highway mileage as my wife and I like to take short weekend trips. So, several of the suggestions have got me looking in new directions. It's nice to hear what models people are really happy with long-term since I tend to own a car for about 10 years (passing down the family line).

If there are any more suggestions, keep 'em coming. I'm already checking out several of the models discussed here.
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