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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
His assessment might be a little harsh (and could be offensive, but I wasn't offended and my ancestors have been farmers since Christ had a crew-cut, my parents were the first generation of anyone in my lineage to not be on a farm), but it isn't completely off.

In the scenarios you outlined, if things didn't produce and the crops didn't grow -- they would get compensated for that if they have insurance. That is why there is the FCIA and RMA. It is accessible to almost everyone at no cost as long as they are growing an insurable crop or have the qualifying livestock, it's part of the USDA.

The numbers Meck gave are just a hairline of the actual costs of subsidization that goes towards the farming community. I deal with this sort of thing every day and there is debate about it weekly in the Department of Agriculture and within its associated programs and services.
Ok Req if you have the numbers then let's see them. Everything I'm seeing shows that most farms are not subsidized so this idea that farming is without risk is complete HORSE SHIAT!

Another link with the facts. This time it's a visual. H8r?
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