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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
The popular way to think of it in most cases (like murder, theft, etc) is "My rights end where yours begin." Many laws can be rationalized that way. But you're stretching it into "Our rights end where 1 person in 300,000,000 might abuse them" You're punishing everyone in an attempt to preempt very few.

Random police search and seizure would "save" far more lives than an assault rifle ban, background checks, or magazine restrictions. Police generally know lots of bad dudes, and where they live. Problem is they often can't prove anything in court because the 4th amendment protects both good guys and bad guys from police intrusion without evidence.

Why don't we introduce a little bit of random police search and seizure? For the children.

The fact of the matter is the 4th amendment (like the 2nd) exists because our Constitution envisioned times when government could not be trusted.
Now you're just making straw man arguments. People propose common-sense backgroud checks (something an overwhelming majority of NRA members support, by the way), and we're just slight fey hop away from legalizing random search and seizures. I'm not terribly swayed by paranoid slippery-slope arguments.
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