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Matt Prater

Originally Posted by Bighorn View Post
I saw that. But what kind of mileage do you think a Vet gets??

And that was also a piss poor suggestion IMO, given the OP's criteria.

Originally Posted by Bighorn View Post
If you want a fast car your going to have to burn fuel. It's not like the old days when gas was orange had lead in it and you could get 20mpg with a muscle car. Im just a big advocate of cars built in Detroit.
There are PLENTY of fast vehicles out there today that get 20+ mpg in the city. Hell, there are non turbo 4 cylinder cars out there today that go FAR faster than anyone could ever go in real life. They may not be as flashy as the examples given here, but the OP never said anything about it having to look flashy.

Burning fuel is one thing. Burning a gallon every 10 miles or so is another.
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