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TJ Ward

Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
Apparently the LAPD shot up a vehicle matching Dorner's and seriously wounded two women. Kind of fitting considering Dorner's claims. I mean shooting 40 rounds into a vehicle in the middle of a residential neighborhood without any kind of confirmation of identity and no attempt to take the suspect alive? Not the kind of police work I'd want in my city...
Have they not seen a picture of this guy? And they thought 2 women were him? We hear all the time the dangerous job these guys have, but I often think they are responsible for making it more dangerous at times than it needs to be. Trigger happy lot that when they screw up a shooting state they were in fear. Maybe it's time to get a new job. I have several family and friends whose argument for having guns is because if the cops have them they want to make sure they do. It's messed up.

While I believe this guy may have a valid argument regarding other cops, he's not making people feel he was the victim or even care he was. His crimes are now more egregious than the other cops and no one will care that he dies or about his message.
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