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Originally Posted by errand View Post
Champ had a great season, but he like Rahim Moore are catching flak for getting beat in the divisional round loss to Ravens....too many people here think emotionally instead of logically.

Our secondary played very well save for the Ravens game.....and to be honest, had the pass rush shown up, I'd argue we win a laugher.
Flacko is a damned fine QB if you do not pressure him. Few in the nfl have his arm strength.

All year we got to the QB until BAL totally revamped the oline and we as well as NE and SFO unable to get any pressure on the guy.

We have been beat like a rented mule on deep balls for going On a decade, so they only thing new is it was Champ on a couple of them.

The key to not giving up the long ball is not in the back seven but the front four.
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