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Originally Posted by waz06 View Post
What the hell? We are already on page 3 and not a single mention of a Vette. For 40k you can pick up a used Corvette ZO6 with performance that will embarass most expensive european supercars.
Not many people realize that the newer vettes get great gas mileage too. I get above 20 mpg when I keep my speed below 3 digits. (and it takes great restraint to do this because it is so quick to get past 100). And get a good radar detector like BEL electronics or Valentine 1 or you will lose your license.
Yes it is a 2 seater but you can always borrow back the Yukon from your son if you need to haul more .
Try to test drive a ZO6 and take it out on some winding road. The car has almost a 50/50 front to rear weight distribution plus its low profile and big fat tires allows it to take curves easily. And its lightning quick acceleration will leave a silly grin on your face.

did not see broncojef's post above
And that is the problem right there. You get two people and a sandwich in the car. You can't even get a change of clothes in the car for an overnight trip.
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