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^ I can understand why you'd have that opinion, BB. He has shifted. But he's presented a pretty good case for those shifts. I don't always agree with him but I find him to be pretty passionate about his opinions. I think he provokes a lot of thought about different issues. Yes, like anyone he has his pet issues and biases, and he can be a drama queen. But he presents multiple viewpoints, links to a lot of really interesting people and topics, and readily airs dissenting opinions including dissents to his opinions and dissents specifically to his posts. His blog is intellectually stimulating and challenging. I always end up going back to it even after taking a break. And if you've ever seen or read his exchanges with the late Christopher Hitchens you know he's an extremely bright guy.
I appreciate the civil response. And I agree that Sullivan is intelligent. But there's enough of a body of evidence out there that something else is going on. He's had enough borderline crazy or at least erratic episodes that you either have to conclude he's vindictively disingenuous or at least half bat-**** crazy.
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