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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Are ya happy now, are ya! lol that part was sort of corny. Stuff like this great for the lawyers. They love civil rights cases because a liberal law that was passed saying lawyers who win civil rights cases get their attorney fees paid by the other side, every time. All you have to do is win it. It was done so that attorneys wouldn't shy away from cases no one wanted, but now its almost being abused.

Ok now the real zinger. The reason they don't want to call black on white crime racially motivated is because then it triggers civil rights violations, enhancements on sentencing, and the biggie attorney fee's paid by the perp to the victims atty when they sue and win. They don't want civil right laws intended to fight the white man being used against blacks because they commit so much violence towards white.

They got the Zimmerman guy though! whew i feel safer.
Interesting take regarding the role that attorney fees may play in the unequal application of civil rights/ hate crime law....
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