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Originally Posted by loborugger View Post
A VW GTI is fun and fast and about 30 MPG. Its pricey - but not as pricey as the other stuff that is being suggested in this thread. I have one that I bought used and I really dig it. If you are tall, the VWs have more room than other cars. I had a Mustang a while back and the GTI has better leg & head room. The downside to the GTI is that a fix can be expensive - but no more so than the Merc or BMWs that people are recommending.
Knock on wood but I haven't had any real big fix issues outside of maint. I had to replace a washer tank because it cracked and a tail light assembly I got reimbursed due to a recall. You get free oil changes and stuff for the 1st couple years.

Nothing terrible, my wifes Durango had an issue where it would switch it'self into 4 low when the thing was off, like it was haunted or something. Had to replace the transfer case, it cost over $1500. I haven't had that on the BWM and I have had the BMW for over 10 years now.

I bought non OEM brakes and had a guy put them on for me and saved some money that way. I also have him do the recommended maint stuff in the book.

If you go to a dealer and do the 100k recommended service it will cost you $2k but if you do most of it with a mechanic you trust you can save lots of money and keep it running at it's best.
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