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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
Get a used Porsche Turbo, fantastic cars. You can get a used 996 for under $50k. These were the first water cooled Porsches, with the tear drop design front headlights. For whatever reason this particular look is not as popular with most Porsche enthusiasts hence the lower prices:

Go big or go home.

More info on the 996:
My 2nd car was a used 928 I think it was an '83. I loved that car, that engine is still probably out on the street running. I couldn't afford to keep it nice at the time, stuff like the sun roof broke down (though they did include a manual crank which I thought was cool) and I needed to drive 35 miles to a new job in bad weather conditions so I sold it and bought a 4x4. I should have kept it. The couple bad snow days we had I was the only idiot who made it in, everyone else got the day off. I would buy another one if the wife would let me have a 3rd car.
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