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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Manning not a question because there is no question we have no way of doing better at this point. We live and die with Manning until he hangs it up. I doubt more then 2 more yrs. For Manning to get over the him in the playoffs he needs the same thing Elway did. A dominant running game. You get Manning all those 3rd and shorts are running game crapped out on, throw in some big runs and Manning can still win it all.

Broncos should look for oline and help at RB. Moreno i was told is dirt cheap still for one more yr so you keep him as depth. Hillman IMO doesn't look that special. I think he is a good change of pace but seems to get blasted trying to block.

Mcgahee I just think is probably done. I don't feel good about him coming back. He already lacked big plays It won't get better.

Broncos should draft another RB, draft oline, and try to build a dominant run game.
Yeah, Manning doesn't have the long ball option, so they have to be able to make some plays running the ball to keep the chains moving. Peyton is limited physically at this point in his career, and it's not gonna get better.
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