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My point about the German born players and Rossi, is that the US cannot develop it's own players. The youth system is a joke and MLS doesn't do near enough to develop local talent in their each teams region. Running like the NFL is a good business move to keep the league afloat, but relying on college's to groom the youth will never work. It's already an uphill battle even getting young players interested past age 14 or so, having to compete with basketball, football, and baseball. So soccer is already at best, getting the third tier athletes. Having academies and offering those young prospects an education in addition to soccer training would give some of those families pause and consider signing them up for that in lieu of paying astronomical monies to charter their kids around on touring youth club teams in any sport.

I'm not "giving up" on this team over one game. The entire 18 months or so of Klinnsman's hiring has not worked out. One off's against Mexico and Italy doesn't constitute progress. I was a huge proponent of hiring him, especially seeing how he turned that German team around into a juggernaught, but it seems that he's the wrong coach with the wrong players to make it work.

I mean, it was never about just qualifying for the world cup. It was about making progress and being competitive once we get there. We've had decades of qualifying and then getting embarrassed, sans the 2002 cup where we got robbed against Germany.

As far as "less talented" teams from Africa and Asia...I would still argue that those players are among the absolute best athletes those countries have to offer. They are more talented then most of the US players and many of those teams had big names playing in top leagues on top clubs.

Lastly in regards to Donovan, he's obviously one of the best American players ever. But I still consider him somewhat of a disappointment for never breaking out of his comfort zone after in didn't work out in Germany when he was younger. One half season successful loan spell at Everton doesn't prove much, other than, perhaps he should have given it an honest shot years before in the EPL, which is obvioulsy a much better league for Americans to play in than the Bundesliga. I also thought the US never used him correctly, mostly isolating him out on a wing. He was the best player, you want him touching the ball. I've always argued they should have played him in the middle as a playmaker combining with Dempsey, getting them both as many touches as possible. When they did things like play Dempsey as a sole striker with Donovan on the left wing, it was hard to even watch that crap.

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