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I like the liberal idea that we need more companies to build things in America. It has to be sort of high end stuff though and our labor not skilled for that. Chinese workers kick our ass because they have been doing it on a larger scale.

We need to change the way we educate the people. HS is a friggin joke and only some of the kids work hard there on the way to college. We force the other ones into college but the dont get degrees that pay anything. Too many college students were like me and picked easy crap like music lol.

It would be better to offer stuff in HS that gets kids ready to do jobs like go work at an apple computer factory in the USA. The problem is the chicken and the egg. We need the jobs here before we could really have people aim to get them. But apple goes where the best workers are.

We have gotten to far over into the service economy and right now we probably do need more manufacturing jobs actually making something. I can see why they bailed out the auto industry even though many of them didn't deserve it because their cars stink. But you need them to stay in business or the workforce will lose that expertise as well.

Its just that our govt makes it so much more expensive to make things in America. The attack on energy for one makes have manufacturing here really expensive.

We need a territotorial corp tax system with different rates for different parts of the world. But then make them bring profits home instead of offshoring them. Drop the rate in exchange for closing the loophole.

Our govt just seems really more interested in things like social problems, gay marraige, gays in the military, gun control, womens rights.
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