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Originally Posted by myMind View Post
What percentage of U.S citizens really want to be U.S citizens?
Oh, by the way, these illegals you refer to are technically already Americans.
Every single resident of North and South America are Americans.
When did one country out of 36 become "America"?
****ing hubris.

For those of you who might take me questions are rhetorical.
99.99999999% - only you and maybe one or two others really want out

techincally we are all americans on this hemisphere, but if we get rhetorical I would ask if you keep your vagina shaved.

I will re-ask the question so tonto over here doesn't get upset about the hubris of an american referring to his United States of America as America.

Oh go to any country in the world and ask them do you know where America is and see what they say.

They don't say oh that is a 36 countries over in America, which one do you mean.

Rhetorical though all of this so take it with a grain of salt or throw it on a wall and see if it sticks.
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