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Default Fast, fun car - good mileage? Any advice?

Ok, so I am getting ready to have my youngest child driving in a couple months. Our tradition is that we hand down our older cars to the kids and upgrade. My wife says it's time for me to "get a fast car" as I pass down my 2002 GMC Yukon XL (family boat) to my son.

So, any recommendations?

If possible, I would also like something with the best city mileage I can get. So, fast.... Yet as easy as possible on the gas... Can I do both

I have always been a Mustang fan, so I started looking at the new v6 convertibles, and talked with someone locally about adding a supercharger. So, good gas mileage when I don't hammer down (better than the GT), but fun when I do.

I thought I would ask for suggestions. Any advice?
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