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Originally Posted by elsid13 View Post
What resources are you talking about? Is it labor? capital? raw materials?

There is more then enough slack in the economy right now that there is no problem to meet private sector resources demand
You are so wrong. Rare Earth minerals are a huge problem and are driving up the costs of batteries, speakers, wind turbines and solar panels just to name a few.

Over the decades mining rare earth became too costly because of the environmental demands of the USA. In the meantime China took it over and dominates the market in the 90% range.

We do have a CA rare earth mine almost up and running. Its taken so long. Why? you guessed it red tape from CA and FED regulators.

Anyone who thinks Obamas attack on oil, coal, and mining isn't hurting the economy is probably not thinking it all the way through and instead just thinking well we need to move away from those types of energy.
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